Dale Gregory & the Shouters

The Shouters came on the music scene in 1964. Members included Dale Gregory Yost(lead guitar), Gary Tabbert(bass), Ted Christy(drums), Pat O'Brien(keyboards,vocals), and Greg Blomberg(guitar,vocals). They were students at Washington High in Sioux Falls. A number of other popular groups in the city included the X-Men, Dynamic Hursemen, and the Trippers. The Coliseum Annex was a hot spot for teen dances and on many occasions the Shouters would play to crowds of well over 1,000. 2009 SDRRMA inductee Ken Mills was the groups booking agent and was instrumental in their success.

In February of 1966 the guys went to Dove Studios in Minneapolis and recorded a 45 written and sung by Greg. "Did Ya Need To Know" was released on the "B Sharp" label. It became an instant local hit in the Sioux Falls area and opened a lot of doors for the quintet. They played area ballrooms, armories, battle of the bands, and even on TV. In 1966 several of the originals left the group and new personnel came aboard. The band continued to entertain large crowds through 1967 when they finally called it quits.