2023 Battle of the Bands Finalists!



Aftermath has been rocking pop-punk style since their debut opening for the SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction party in 2020. Started as a family band of Sioux Falls siblings taking lessons with UpTempo Music, Aftermath is now a blend of 5 friends and siblings ages 10 to 17. With a mix of original songs, and covers from bands such as Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and the Foo Fighters, Aftermath loves to make music and perform together.

Eleanor Baumgarten (10) on vocals, guitar, keys; Henderson Hegg (12) on drums; Max Baumgarten (13) on guitar, keys, vocals; Eileen Baumgarten (15) – songwriter, guitar, vocals, keys; Quintin Hernes (16) on bass; Champ Baumgarten (17) on drums"


Dreamfly is an alternative indie rock band from Pierre, SD. A band that plays a wide variety of music; anything from classic bands such as The Beatles and The Smiths, alternative rock bands like Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys, to modern indie rock bands like Wallows and The 1975. Dreamfly is a band made up of 5 boys who all love playing music.


Based in Sioux Falls, follow us on Spotify and YouTube if you want to listen to some more gnarly tunes by Eightfold Path.


Saturn's Grace is an alternative rock band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The band has written and recorded many songs and are influenced by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, and more. They have played several gigs around and in Sioux Falls and hope to play more!


The Sertoma Project, formally known as the Cross-eyed rabbits, is a hardrock band out of the Sioux Falls area. They are influenced by the heavy drums, rumbling basses, thick guitars, and heavenly vocals of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Evan Ehlers, Mike Brown, and Ben Kost all co-founded the band in September 2022. We will be taking the stage with our new drummer, Zander Hazuka. You can find us on instagram @thesertomaproject.official, and on YouTube @thesertomaproject5000. Who’s ready to rock?