A Music in the Community Recognition Award will be given to Arlie’s All Stars, formed in 1975 as the result of a wager. Arlie Brende and Ron Buskerud bet Arlie’s father-in-law in Dell Rapids that they cold pt together a group better than the one playing at his steak house. 35 years later the group as raised over $500,000 for charities in the Sioux Falls area usually only playing one time a year. Arlie’s cousin Mark Aspaas and former classmate in law school Comet Haraldson joined in that first year. Friends Bob Christensen and Brian Wirt joined soon after. As the music and skits demanded larger venues, the group moved to Sioux Falls. They have played mainly at the Shrine Mosque over the years but have also played at the Ramkota, Sioux Falls Arena and even the Ritz Carleton in Miami on South Beach. The group consists of the original four, plus Dr. Ken Aspaas, Gayland Bender, Steve Samuelson, Rick Knobe and John Mogen.


2011Special Recognition