The year was 1946 and the station was KIHO, 1270 on the dial.  They were one of the pioneer radio stations in Sioux Falls, owned by a man from Missouri.  Rock and roll wasn't even invented yet.  Early DJs included icons Wayne Pritchard and Danny Olson.  In those days, programming included Canaries baseball, college football and show called "Queen for a Day".  Music was not the main format.

1957 bought a new owner and introduced rock and roll to area teenagers.  KIHO was "the" station for rock music in the area and teens anxiously awaited each week to see what song was #1, the new "Pick Hit of the Week", and a list of the "Up and Coming" records.  The station also featured hourly news called "Live at 55". 

KIHO used the slogan "Wide Awake Radio" and its DJs were known as "Your Mayors of Music City".  They included J.P. the D.J., Lucky Lloyd, Smilin' Jack, Red Rover and KIHO Helge.  The transmitter and studio were located in a rural area outside of town.  Sometimes a DJ would work the early morning shift, drive into  Sioux Falls, sell some advertising, and doing an afternoon remote broadcast.

Sioux Falls had several radio stations in the 1950's but only one played that new music called rock and roll.  Unfortunately, most good things come to an end and, KIHO was eventually sold to Bill Graham Ministries and became KNWC.


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