Ken Mills began managing, booking and promoting bands in 1965 while he was a junior in high school.  In the mid sixties, there were numerous bands coming out of the Sioux Falls high schools.  For the next four and a half years his company, Ken Musical Enterprises, managed many of the local rock bands including Dale Gregory and the Shouters, Those of Us, The Trippers and the Dynamic Hursemen.

Ken promoted dances and shows across the upper Midwest featuring his own bands along with well known bands including the Flippers, Stillroven, Blue Things, Spider and the Crabs, Rumbles, Roarin Red Dogs, Crow and the Mob.  Venues included the Beresford American Legion, Sioux Falls Coliseum Annex, Arkota Ballroom, Nordic Hall, Plains Ballroom in Huron, Ruskin Park,the Salem Armory and many more.

After promoting bands, Ken started working in radio.  He worked at KISD, KLOH, KELO, KXRB and KLYX in the Sioux Falls area.  He developed KSKY in the Black Hills.  From there he moved up to SCCO in Minneapolis, KCSN in Los Angeles and the Transtar Radio Network.

Music and Ken Mills were synonymous in the 60's.  Whether he was booking bands, promoting or on the radio, Ken was a household name and he started his amazing career in high school.  Most of the bands he managed and promoted would not have enjoyed the success they had without his guidance.  Today Ken and his wife reside in Minneapolis where he specializes in syndication NPR news and music programming.   


2009Promoter/Booking Agent