Ivory, which toured extensively from 1975-1988, was regarded as South Dakota’s true super group with a lineup featuring top performers from many of the Midwest’s best bands. Originating in the Black Hills, Ivory recorded in Denver, Minneapolis and Los Angeles and toured with many national acts, playing in Washington, D.C., and throughout Middle America.

Ivory was known for a myriad of technical and stage innovations. The band toured with semi trucks that hauled a massive sound and light system and a jungle stage set. Still performing 28 years later, Ivory’s current lineup plays select events throughout the United States.

Founding members of Ivory include Craig Katt, Randy Crain, Curt Nesbitt, Jimi Williams and Monte Madison. Other longtime players included Dick Mattson, Danny Malloy and Mike and Darren Drew. The current band features Scott Stackhouse, Todd Olson, Kenny Odean and Talon Isom.