Mike Goodroad

Sioux Falls native Michael Goodroad grew up in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and radio was his portal to the world, especially to the electrifying new musical world of rock and roll. He found great pleasure listening to the latest hits from Elvis, Little Richard and Buddy Holly on KIHO and then buying the 45s at Odland Music Shop.

His love of radio and rock led him to KISD radio, where he worked part-time while attending Augustana. When KISD changed its format to 24-hour rock and roll in the fall of 1966, Mike became one of the original KISD “Good Guys” and was ecstatic to be on the air every day spinning the greatest rock and rhythm and blues hits of the day. Even though he left Sioux Falls radio after graduation and lived in India, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the rock and roll spirit never left him.

After graduating from Augustana, Goodroad studied at Union Theological Seminary in New York. He became a heroin addiction counselor in the Bronx. Michael returned to his home state to serve as director of Tie-Line, an innovative telephone helpline and resource center. He established a similar organization in Los Angeles before returning to the Black Hills to help KSQY-FM launch as a rock station. Michael supervised many successful events and promotions in the ‘80s and ‘90s. He was a trusted associate of two governors – Dick Kneip and Bill Janklow.

Goodroad hosted a jazz radio program for 12 years. As for his love of rock and roll, Michael Goodroad has been in the business in the Black Hills since 1982. From KSQY he moved to Duhamel Broadcasting and then to Rushmore Media Company.