The Fabulous Unknowns

Originally called The Fabulous Unknown, this Winner band began rehearsing in the summer of 1972. Initial band members were:

  • Dave Hosek on trumpet, keyboards, and vocals
  • Curt Hoffer on keyboards, guitar and vocals
  • Jim Nelson on bass guitar and vocals
  • Rob Taylor on guitar, trumpet, tenor sax and vocals
  • Tim Obert on trap set, guitar and vocals
  • Terry Pospisil replaced Nelson in the autumn of 1972

Taylor and Obert were from Colorado Springs, CO, while the rest were from Winner.

Many of their fans called them the Unknowns, so they soon added the “s” to their name. They played a wide variety of music styles, from pop songs of the 1940s through the Tijuana Brass, Everly Brothers, Chicago, and the Doobie Brothers.

They learned songs that their parents liked.

The Fabulous Unknowns were managed by Shannon Patrick O’Malley, who had moved to Winner from his native Yankton. He crafted their clean image, never allowing any smoking or drinking from the stage. They always tuned their instruments before taking the stage. This was more of a show band than a dance band.

The band members wore tailored suits and were known for their colorful clothes. Their first gig was in the summer of 1972 in Dallas. That’s Dallas, SD, not Texas. At their second stop, the Purple Turtle Club in Sioux Falls, they were billed as “Direct From Dallas.”

The Fabulous Unknowns performed occasionally outside South Dakota, but the Holiday Inns of Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Pierre, and Spearfish were their repeat venues. The Kochi Inn in Yankton also was a favorite spot for the band. Many photos remain from those performances. In April 1974, their final shows were at the Crest Show Lounge in Spencer, Iowa.

Fun always was their priority, and it showed throughout their gigs. Many of the members still are active musicians.