R&B Supply was a Sioux Falls-based band that played in South Dakota and the surrounding states from 1979 to 1982. They regularly played at the Fireside Lounge, the Stockman’s Bar, and the Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls, and at Dan’s Back Porch in Spearfish. They were twice featured at Red Willow’s Nemo festival, Dan Island’s Red Water Revival, and on South Dakota Public TV’s “No Cover No Minimum.”

John Reimer was on drums, Greg Tesdall played sax and Mike Melody played guitar. All three were former members of the Dry Mustard Band. They were joined by guitarist Boyd Bristow from Blueberry Buckle and bass player Tom Boe from The Franklin Carter Blues Band, Rosewater and Que Pasa. Their amazing lead singer, Brad Cordle, is one of the 2019 Spirit of Music award honoreese.

Later, two current members of the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame joined the group: Hank Harris of the Red Willow Band and Butch Zierath, who played in many bands in South Dakota at one time or another. When R&B  Supply was getting started, the members asked Boe, an expert R&B bass player, to play bass. He agreed under the condition that the band play strictly rhythm and blues. Boe, who was assured that was the intention, came up with the name R&B Supply. The group was managed and booked by Chris Buren.

R&B  Supply did not hold exclusively to rhythm and blues protocols. The songs were all from that tradition, but the group played them in a wild, free fashion. There was a lot of jazz, blues, and rock and roll going on. This group had fun! 

In recent years several of the members have died: Boe, Reimer, Cordle, and Melody. The surviving members honor the memory of each of these musicians.