Rockin' Bob Ferrie and Geoff Gunderson had a part in the formation of ROX. Drummer Rex Scott wanted to play harder rock and had just quit a band called Live Spirit from Canton, South Dakota. He figured that networking with local musicians in Sioux Falls could land him another band.

At a local music store, he learned that a new band, Wakefield, was looking for a sound and light man. They were supposed to have this young up-and-coming guitar player named Geoff Gunderson. Rex called Geoff and tried to recruit him to play in Live Spirit. Geoff said at the time he was putting something together himself and declined.

So Rex got the gig as sound man. The next show was at the Rusty Helmet Lounge, a popular rock spot on weekends on the outskirts of Sioux Falls. While at this show, Bob Ferrie and Gordy Gunderson were there with their bassist Dave Vanderlinde. They were playing there in a band called Emerald.

During one of the breaks, the Emerald boys heard from one of the Wakefield guys that Rex was a drummer, and that they were looking for a one. Dave and Gordy approached Rex at the sound board and asked if he was interested. Rex auditioned and landed the spot.

Emerald broke up. The next thing Rex knew, Dave asked him to start a new band. Dave said an old guitarist friend, Dale Callies, would be worthy to recruit. He later became Dale Diamond. The three got together at Dave's parents’ house in Renner, South Dakota, to jam and check each other's musicality. And ROX was born.

Dave then recruited Gordy to join. The first rehearsal took place in Gordy Gunderson’s garage on September 16, 1976. The rest is history.

ROX played in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; International Falls, Minnesota;  Fessenden, North Dakota; Rock Rapids, Iowa; Norfolk, Nebraska; and backed up Bachman Turner Overdrive in Rapid City South Dakota in 1977.