The Blue Things formed as The Blue Boys at Fort Hays State College from the ashes of a Hays R&B band, the Barons. From the Barons came Mike Chapman (lead guitar and vocals) formerly with Pat and Lolly Vegas, Richard Scott, bassist and vocalist formerly with the Flippers (later known as The Fabulous Flippers) and Rick "Laz" Larzalere (drums and vocals). With a summer tour booked the trio decided they needed a fourth member and soon found a lead singer and rhythm guitarist in Mike's roommate, Val Stoecklein On their ensuing summer tour, the band found a manager in Jim Reardon, who in turn got the band signed with John Brown's Mid-Continent Co. booking agency.  Brown managed to get the Blue Things a deal with RCA, based on their reputation as Midwest superstars of-sorts. Before they could record for RCA, one more change was made to the band: Drummer Rick Larzalere left the band to focus on school. After several unsuccessful replacements, Bobby Day from Salina, Kansas was chosen. The Blue Things toured South Dakota many times and had many fans.