The “Ben & Patty Show” story is equal parts magic and mystery. The magic happened the first morning they worked together and the mystery - - well it's really all a mystery. Somehow an Iowa farm boy and a girl from Montana ended up in the right place at the wrong time and a strange and wonderful partnership was born. Both Ben and Patty had other radio lives before they ended up in the same orbit. Ben's radio career began at KKIN in Aitkin, Minnesota, Patty's at QFM in Yankton, South Dakota. Their paths first crossed at KPAT in Sioux Falls where Patty was working mornings and Ben held his weekend slot. Patty then found a new home at country station, KIKN, working afternoons. At the time, Ben was the morning guy working with a different partner. In January of 1994, Ben's partner got the flu and Patty filled in. According to Patty, it was “absolute magic”. Three days later the Ben and Patty Show was born. Two years later they moved to Mix 97.3, where now, in their 26th year together as a morning team, they remain today.