Jon is best remembered as the guitar player that was admired by other guitar players in Sioux Falls. His abilities made him a natural, gifted guitarist. His ability to adapt to almost any musical style is what made him a versatile, energetic player.

From 1975 to approximately 1982 he played in Felix. Then he joined The Street Orphans for about a year. M80 came around in 1982 with Mark Pollard on drums and Chuck Gerner on bass. They played mostly original progressive rock with a few covers by Jimi Hendrix, Todd Rundgren and Mahogany Rush. M80 was a regular at the Pomp Room and Charlie’s as well as several festivals. Before the band called it quits in 1985, they recorded an unreleased album at Creative Communications in Sioux Falls.

Jon moved on to Baton Rouge, LA and played professionally for several years in the late 80s and early 90s. Then he moved to upstate, New York to attend audio engineering school. Following that, he moved to Newport News, VA and played with multiple bands thorough the 90s. He returned to Sioux Falls in about 2004 and reformed M80 again with Chuck Gerner and Mark Pollard. The band went for another 3 years, writing new material and playing local bars and clubs. They recorded a CD of new material in 2007 at Cathouse House Studio in Sioux Falls.

While back in Sioux Falls, Jon gave guitar lessons. He also worked full-time at Midco Communications in Technical Support. The last band Jon was in was The Sheltering Sky. When Jon's wife Heather (Hanson) passed away it broke Jon's heart, literally. He passed away a year later while living with his daughter in the New York area.

Jon is survived by two children, his son Adrian (named after Adrian Belew - one of his favorite guitarists) and his daughter Eleanor.

People who knew Jon said he had an awesome sense of humor and loved to laugh.

And he LOVED Todd Rundgren’s music.


2020/2021Spirit of the Music Award