Mike started playing guitar Christmas Eve, 1985.  One year after that he got his first Boss drum machine (which he still owns).  Soon after, he started writing songs and recording into the dual tape deck of his stereo system.  Once he graduated high school, he would buy his first four track cassette recorder.  

 Multi track recording.  It was a revelation to Mike.  Not long after, his first band, Simon Sez would enter a local recording studio, Creative Communications owned and operated by Will Prines.  This would be the first of many times recording at Will's studio, most notably with a band called Closet Monster.  The bassist in Closet Monster, Brian Masek, a very talented engineer in his own right, was a huge influence and resource in the early years of Mike's audio career.  When Brian stopped recording bands for a time in the late 1990's, Mike had to figure out where to record his band Swim's next album.  He decided to invest in a new recording technology called Pro Tools and record his band himself.  In 2000, Mike and close friends in local band Jerkstore teamed up to finish their album entitled Circus Therapy.  During this time, Mike was truly learning how to use Pro Tools.  Jerkstore's new music got on the radio.  Namely, on Sunday night local music show "Loud and Local" on KRRO.  Word got out among local bands and musicians.  Suddenly, Mike was staying busy enough recording bands out of his house that he was able to take a severance package at his job that had voluntary layoffs due to manufacturing moving overseas.  This money have Mike a cushion until the studio was fully up and running.  This required a studio name.  As the studio was in the basement of his house and he was an owner of several cats, the name Cathouse Studios seemed appropriate, plus it sounded rock and roll.  Business took off.  No advertising was ever done.  New clients came in completely via word of mouth.  In addition to Jerkstore, bands like The Spill Canvas, Nodes of Ranvier, Counterpoint, AFL generated a huge buzz locally and regionally.  Soon, Cathouse Studios had outgrown the basement and a new location became necessary.  Good friend Eldon Fisher partnered with Mike putting in many late nights to get the new location in central Sioux Falls ready to go.  It was at this location that well over 10,000 songs were recorded, mixed and or mastered until March of 2020.   In 2008, Mike was able to work on the Angel Dean album "Light Me On Fire" alongside South Dakota native Bryan Carlstrom in his Burbank California based Transformer Studio.  Bryan engineered and/or produced bands such as Alice In Chains, Anthrax, Social Distortion, The Offspring among many others.  

 Mike has been blessed to have worked with so many talented local artists in addition to regional and national bands.  Some of the record labels Mike has done work for include Sire, Victory, Facedown as well as many smaller independent labels/artists.  Artists Mike has worked with include hundreds of bands/artists including but not limited to: Jerkstore, Jukebox Zeros, Goodroad, Amos Slade, The Blinding Light, Suffer, Angerot, Sons of Poseidon, Sleepeater, The Noblemen, V The Noble One, Nightshield, Kory and the Fireflies, etc.  

 Notable national artists include The Psalms Project, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, the afore-mentioned Spill Canvas and Nodes of Ranvier, numerous bands on the Facedown record label, Ron Keel Band/Badlands Houseband, Henry Paul (Blackhawk/Outlaws), Emerald Sabbath (Black Sabbath tribute including musicians that were associated with or actually in Black Sabbath - Ron Keel, Vinnie Appice, Rudy Sarzo, etc.), David Huff (Whiteheart/Giant), DJ Ashba (Guns and Roses, Sixx:A.M.), etc.

 Mike is blessed to have his sons, Zachary and Samuel as well his step daughter Elsa and stepson Jacob.  Mike's wife, the love of his life, Lisa, has been his rock the past 11 years.  Mike is very thankful to have two parents, Rory and Patti, who supported his musical endeavors and encouraged his overall creativity.  

"To all the clients who walked through the doors of Cathouse Studios.  You have all made an impact on me.  I hope that I did justice to your music.  Thank you."