Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy is a rock band that formed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in the early 1980s. The band was co-founded by singer and guitarist Rod Jerke (Hot Rod) and singer and guitarist Kevin King (Chevy Kevy). 

Rod and Kevin had known each other for several years before officially forming the five piece band, Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy. The two shared a love for high-energy, 50’s and 60’s rock and roll and began performing together during the Classic Rock Revival of the 1980’s. They recruited other Sioux Falls / Sioux City area musicians to round out the band's lineup and started playing shows in Sioux Falls and around the midwest. 

Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy quickly gained a following across the country with their high-octane live shows and catchy selection of songs. Their debut album, Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy was released in 1985. It was a double album that sold over 10,000 copies during their live performances. Later on they recorded a version of Keep OnRunnin’ that received significant radio airplay in the midwest. The band received critical acclaim for its raw energy and exciting shows that also featured a tribute to the Blues Brothers. 

In the early 80’s Rod and Kevin met up with Dave Hoffman of Hoffman Talent out of Minneapolis, MN. Dave managed 60’s rock stars Tommy Roe and Bobby Vee and it wasn’t long before he was hired to manage Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy, too. That relationship, coupled with the fact that Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy always had the best musicians, created many opportunities for the group to back up some of the classic rock artists who were still touring at the time, much like Myron Lee and the Caddies had done in the 50’s and 60’s. Besides Bobby and Tommy, Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy also were the band for Chuck Berry, Del Shannon, Shirelles, Lou Christie, Coasters, Crystals, Bo Diddley, Drifters, Frankie Ford, Freddie Cannon, Brian Hyland, Denny Laine (Wings), Dickie Lee, Marvelettes and dozens of others. 

During the bands 25+ years they played well over 3000 gigs including over 1200 in South Dakota alone! Some of the events the band has played include many State Fairs like South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wisconsin. And venues including World’s Only Corn Palace, Chicago Theatre, Walt Disney World, Big Island of Hawaii, St. Paul Civic Center, Arkota Ballroom, Hollyhock Ballroom (MN), Val Air Ballroom (IA), Surf Ballroom (IA), HHH Metrodome (MN), Grand Hotel-Mackinac Island (MI), Sunbird-Sioux Falls, Husets Speedway, Sioux Falls Arena, Roof Garden Ballroom (IA), Park West (Chicago) and Opryland Hotel (TN) 

There have also had an amazing group of musicians who have played with the band over the years including: Ron Alley, Earl Bartholow, John Bertsch, Terry Brooks, Jack Carter, Dallas (Dykhouse) Sellers, Ken Faltinson, Ron Grandi, Jeremy Hegg, David Holman, Tim Horsman, Ken Hoyne, Sam Irish, Raine Jerke, Tom Lane, Eric LeVan, John Richardson, Vance Tuffs, Randy Warrington, Gavin Wigg, Bob York, Butch Zierath and others. 

The band’s most recent album is called Half and Half. It consists of half live performances and half original songs by Kevin King, Jeremy Hegg and John Richardson including Allison and Lose Control both of which have streamed nationally and internationally. Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy continues to perform into the 21st Century.