Terry Taylor was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1973. At the young age of 6, he was introduced to his first rock record that started it all: Kiss' 'Love Gun'. His parents continued to nurture his love of music with the Beatles, Elvis, and more Kiss records. As he matured into his early pre-teens, he found the sound that became his heart and soul - punk rock. From Dead Kennedys, Misfits, early Violent Femmes, and local bands from Sioux Falls - No Direction and Face of Decline, the latter of which Terry ended up playing in. 

The one place in particular that became the gateway to finding these bands and new music for Terry was the local Ernie November record store. There, he was able to dive into the sounds that formed his love of music. This created his drive to want to see these bands perform. At the time, no one was bringing these types of underground and independent acts to the area. 

In 1988, Terry was fortunate enough to join the local band that he had been writing fan mail to for years, Face of Decline. Once he began playing shows and meeting touring musicians, somehow his name became the 'go-to' for bands wanting to play the area, some of which included Green Day, The Offspring, Neurosis, and even various old underground bands that included members of the Foo Fighters. 

Because there was no instruction manual on 'how to start booking shows', Terry had to get creative in finding places for bands to play, like garages, basements, VFW halls, youth centers, and even some barns. 

Terry soon realized he needed a more stable and safe option for the bands to play and the kids coming to the shows. He saw the local building Nordic Hall as the answer. This place became where Terry learned what it takes to actually book national acts, everything from building a stage, renting sound systems, and utilizing their kitchen where he made meals for touring bands. All this as a teenager still in high school and at a time when all correspondence was done through letter writing and long-distance phone calls. Promotion for the shows was done by cutting and gluing text and pictures for flyers, xeroxing copies, and stapling/taping them anywhere he could find space. Soon Terry started working at the place he loved, Ernie November, which allowed him the ability to promote his shows to a wider audience of kids. 

As word of mouth spread about 'this kid in Sioux Falls' booking bands, agents for larger acts began reaching out for places to play in the area. This led Terry to seek out larger venues like the Sioux Falls Arena, Convention Center, and eventually leading to a long relationship with the legendary Pomp Room. Terry was the first to bring 'all-ages' shows to the Pomp Room. This relationship allowed them to bring larger acts to the area like Danzig, Korn, Sick of it All, Fugazi, and many more. 

Once the Pomp Room closed, Terry knew it was time to start a new chapter. He soon moved to Lawrence, Kansas where he helped to co-found the promotional company Mammoth, where he continued to book shows all over the Midwest and Sioux Falls for many years. Terry also played in many local bands that gained national attention - Nodes of Ranvier, The Blinding Light, Caligari, Suffer, Face of Decline, Floodplain, Switch, Hammerlord, just to name a few. 

After almost 30 years working in the music industry, he decided to step away and pursue his other passion, toys and collectibles. He currently owns his own store in Lawrence called 1313 Mockingbird Lane which specializes in toys, collectibles and everything in between. 


2023Promoter/Booking Agent