Lindner Music was originally Alvin's Music, located on Kemp Avenue in downtown Watertown. Established in 1955 by Alvin Johnson and operated by Alvin and his son Charles (Chuck), the store provided support for music in the area. In 1990, Chuck decided to sell Alvin's Music following the passing of his parents. At that time, Rodney Lindner was employed as a design draftsman at Nutting Industries in Watertown, while his wife Sally was managing her beauty salon. The Lindners also operated a band called "Willow Creek." 

Despite limited funds, Rodney managed to obtain the store and Chuck guided him through the processes of band repairs, lessons, and more. Things went fairly well, and in 1993 the store was renamed "Lindner Music."Their son Joe, who was 12 at the time, subsequently graduated from Western Iowa Tech School with a two-year degree in piano tuning and band instrument repairs. Joe became a vital part of the store, and he and his wife Tina now own it, as Sally and Rodney retired in 2021. Joe is a musician, repair tech, and music teacher who runs the "Boogyman Band" and performs several gigs each year as a one-man band. He started drumming at age 11 in a 50's group and now plays drums with his feet, harmonica, sax, and guitar in his one-man band. Joe and Tina have two teenage daughters, Melody and Alexis. 

The store has changed along with the changes in the world, but due to people's love of music and their desire to do something hands-on, music remainsvery popular, as it has been for many years. Rodney Lindner states, "I do think that music is inspired in people by the people that make and love good music. Thanks to the people that do celebrate it and remember through entities like the South Dakota Hall of Fame and the people that work hard to make it happen." Lindner Music is now located at 804 Jenson Avenue, Watertown, SD 57201. 


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