“There’s nothing to do here. 

 Three long-time 24-year-old friends had heard that lament for years, and found it untrue. They were having a pretty good time. If only there was an advertiser-supported publication that gathered information on the arts and entertainment scene and it was distributed free all over the city… 

 An idea was hatched. “Why not start one? Mining influences from national stalwarts such as Cream and Rolling Stone, coupled with regional favorites Twin City Pages and Denvers Westword, the Tempest concept was coming to life. These magazines covered local news and politics, published new record, movie, and book reviews, and, of course, celebrated live music. So would Tempest. 

 Tempest Magazines premier issue was published on November 1,1989, with the stated mission of informing readers that there was, in fact, something to do in Sioux Falls. 

 As Tempest matured, it evolved, and after 14 monthly magazines, the crew decided that a bi-weekly publishing schedule would offer opportunities for fresher coverage and reporting. And so it was, every two weeks a new Tempest was created and distributed.  

 There was a stable of super-talented and loyal writers, reporters, political and social commentators, and record reviewers along with behind-the-scenes advertising staff and a distribution gang. The magazine even sponsored a weekly radio program hosted by its music editor to help spread the word about new music and upcoming bands and shows. 

 If political stories were the brains of the magazine, music was its heart. 

The staff bonded seeing live music, and the venue advertising helped pay the bills. The perfect storm was brewing: touring bands, local bands, new and old music venues, all happening at the same time - and for 10 years Tempest was there to help promote and celebrate it all.


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