You may have seen the legendary red, white and blue SOT bus that graced the blacktop of nearly every highway and by-way throughout the Midwest when we were out doing our KOMA tours from ND down through KS, and WI over to WY/CO.
The four original members came from Hot Springs High School: Mike English, Rich Schuttler, and Craig Katt with Frank Crowell (keyboardist who passed away recently).

We were an active band, playing in the 11 state area, from around 1967 through 1975 based out of the Black Hills and had the pleasure of playing with not only all of the KOMA “Red Dog Inn” bands (Flippers, Red Dogs, Rising Suns, etc), but also The Stone Ponies, Oliver, Lemon Pipers, Max Frost, Strawberry Alarm Clock and a bunch of other one-hit wonder bands from California that seemed to flood our ballrooms and city auditoriums every summer in the 60’s.