The Addiction, by Lyle Darnell

This is poem written by an old rock-and-roller named Lyle Darnell. He is from Norfolk, NE originally and now lives in Carthage, SD. He used to have a band called The Kimberlys, and says "I've been out of the business for nearly fifty years now, but still beat my hands sore on the steering wheel when the radio is ROCK'N!"

The Addiction—Lyle Darnell
There’s a drug exists that none can buy
And none can make you feel so high
But it’s not for the timid nor the shy
Few will ever get the chance
To make the people sing and dance
To watch them thrill in sheer delight
As you played your music through the night
Others just can’t understand
When you tell them ‘bout your rock’n band
How the sounds you made lived in your soul
And why you forsook more worthy goals
Why you still shiver when you hear
That driving beat you held so dear
When you quit the band, you think it’s done
But you’ll never again have that much fun
So turn it up and soak it in
Don’t fight it, cause you’ll never win
If it’s in your blood, it’s there to stay
And will be till your dying day