Five teenagers from Sisseton, South Dakota formed a band in the mid sixties, calling themselves US. Like many bands of that era there were several name changes and they became the Collectors followed by the Lads of Sherwood. They were easily identified by the dark green tunics, puffy sleeved black shirts, and knee-high boots. At other times attire included polka dot shirts and Sgt Pepper jackets. The Lads initially played in the Sisseton area but after teaming up with a Twin Cities booking agent their territory expanded.

From 1966 to 1968 the Lads of Sherwood entertained fans. The band was a tight knit group with only a couple of personnel changes. When a majority of the group graduated from high school and went on to college it became difficult to keep the group together. In 2008 they reunited for a 40th reunion and when Sisseton celebrated the opening of the Performing Arts Center in 2010 the Lads once again took the stage.