The first time the Cavaliers performed was in 1966 at Watermelon Day in Lake Preston, South Dakota.  The group had formed earlier that summer and consisted of Lynn Larson (drums), Mike Peterson (bass) and Dave Scheller (keyboards) from Arlington along with guitar players Ron Nelson, Dave Cecil, and Greg Shelden of nearby Lake Preston.  The Larson farm, midway between the two communities, was the unofficial headquarters and practice sight.

The first year found the Cavaliers performing at school functions and local dances as well as at a popular tavern in Ramona, SD.  But as time went by they gained both confidence and experience while at the same time expanding their territory.  Venues included the Prairie Moon Ballroom in Watertown, Horatios in Brookings, Southgate Tap in Sioux Falls, Hilltop in Rapid City and the Blue Dog Inn in Waubay.  The guys played all the rock and roll favorites while continuing to expand their play list and went from being a garage band to a polished and highly respected group.  1969 was the last year the Cavaliers actively played together as the members moved on to the next stage of their life but they all remained friends.

In 1987 the Cavaliers reunited for a twenty year reunion in Lake Preston.  They had such a great time they reassembled in 2003 and now get together several times a year, even though they are scattered across the country.  They recorded a CD a few years ago and are considering a second one.  In 2009 the Cavaliers were the house band at the first ever SDRRMA induction/concert and received rave reviews.  This year, this well deserving group is being inducted.