The beginning of this eight piece show band that had a great influence on many groups in the 60's was in June of 1964.  Through the efforts of Mid-Continent Entertainment, a very good rock band was turned into a professional, innovative, and trendsetting show band.  Auditions were held over a four state area to come up with the best talent possible.  Seven were selected to perform with Terry Wierman, who had started a smaller version of the group in Hays, Kansas a few years earlier.  Those seven were Danny Hein, Denny Loewen, Gary Claxton, Dough Crotty, Roger Lewis, Dennes Frederick, and Jerry Tammen.  They were told they had two days to put together a show and get on the road.

The summer of 1964 proved to be one summer that people of Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, and North & South Dakota will never forget.  Advertising was done on radio station KOMA and people all over the central United States heard the name of The Flippers.  With re-worked songs, adding horns, choreography, trick lighting systems, and a one of a kind sound system, The Flippers fast became a very popular band.  The band ended the summer playing 108 dances in 8 states, and leaving people talking about The Flippers everywhere they went.  Throughout the rest of the 60's, if you attended a "Flipper Dance", you were always left wanting to attend another.

They recorded a number of records but their national release of "The Harlen Shuffle" was their showpiece.  They have been inducted into music hall of fame's in Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Although the 8 original Flippers have retired as a group, Danny Hein, with a powerhouse group of musicians, has carried on The Flippers name on occasion with some of the other original members joining them when possible.

We thank the originals Flippers for the many great memories associated with attending a "Flipper Dance