The Iowa Great Lakes Recording Company Company opened it's doors on June 1, 1965, in Milford, Iowa.  During its fifteen year history over 150 - 45's and 50 LP's were recorded and released on the IGL Diamond label or on their Sonic label.  Founding members were Cliff Plagman, Roger Blunt, and John Senn.

While the founding members approached this project with a bit of skepticism, they were assured that the time was right for this studio, because there was a pent up demand for recording here in the Midwest, as one had to travel to Minneapolis, Omaha, or even Chicago to accomplish this during this time period.  History has proven them to be correct.  In 1967 Dennis Kintzi became a partner and in 1970 Dave Petersen also joined the partnership.

The list is long of the individuals and groups from all over the Midwest and beyond who recorded, there including Dee Jay and the Runaways and The Velaires out of Iowa and the Trashmen, Steve Ellis and The Starfires out of Minnesota.  A host of groups from South Dakota such as, the X-Men, The Bird Dogs, Those of Us, The Dynamic Hursmen, Curt Powell, The Gemini 6, to name a few.  During it's 15 years in business IGL Recording also had several well known artists who used the studio as well, including Dickie Lee and Tom T. Hall to name a couple.  A typical session included three hours of recording 1000 pressed records all for $345.00.

The Iowa Great Lakes Recording Company was ta true success story during the 60's and 70's.  The music it recorded during that time period played a major part in the success of rock and roll during it's early years in the Midwest.  Today it is looked at as one of the most successful "Garage Band" studios throughout the entire Midwest and even the United States.  It truly created a sound that came from the heart of the Midwest.