From 1970 to 1977, Bill Van Dusen helped bands make their dreams come true.  He operated "UA Recording Studio", located in a small building near 37th and Minnesota Avenue, but there was nothing small about this business.  Bands and artists came from all over the upper Midwest to record 8 tracks, cassettes, 45's and albums.  Some of the groups included The Mystics, Sherwin Linton, Glass Menagerie, The Apostles and Stan Gunn.  Recording was done seven days a week at almost every hour.

With the help of an engineer, Bill also produced many commercials for area businesses.  This supplied a significant part of his income.  Many high school groups, as well as religious groups also recorded here.  In seven short years, UA Recording left a lasting impression on the South Dakota Music scene.

You may also know Bill as the long time manager of the Mocamba Club as well as a weatherman on the local Sioux Falls TV stations over the years.  Now retired, Bill and his wife Jean, make Sioux Falls their home.