Rockin’ Bob Ferrie (10/23/1946 – 11/6/2021)

 Bob Ferrie began his singing career singing along with records by bands such as the Beach Boys and Tommy James in the 1960s. Eventually he developed a love for heavier rock music and, with Brothers Kevin and Gordy, formed a band called ‘Wicked World’, named after a song from Black Sabbath’s first album. Wicked World performed at such iconic Sioux Falls venues as the Mocamba Club, being the first and likely the only band playing heavy rock music there, and they packed the place! Unfortunately, Vietnam and military service brought an end to the early Rock and Roll dreams of the brothers with Bob and Kevin both joining the military.

 In 1974 Bob joined “Shadowfax as lead singer and frontman, which brought Bob back into the music scene. Shadowfax eventually dissolved and 'Destroyer' was formed.

 Bob became well known as a phenomenal singer and charismatic front man. His onstage energy was infectious and whenever he sang the dance floor was packed. It was around this time that Bob earned the name “Rockin’ Bob” which he was known by for the rest of his life. Bob promoted several shows under the name “Rockin’ Bob’s Rock and Roll Show” and continued to be a huge fan and supporter of local rock bands and always enjoyed being asked onstage to join the bands for a tune or two. He was known by many as “The Godfather” of the Sioux Falls rock scene.  Bob eventually lost a long and courageous battle with cancer on November 6, 2021. He will be remembered and missed by many in the Sioux Falls music community. Long live Rockin’ Bob!


2022Spirit of the Music Award