Randall Grant Zwart had a passion for music and a drive to work harder than most. His very first band, Silver Star, played at the Dell Rapids Sy Mary prom when he was still in junior high. Later on, Randall and his brother Bob formed the band Zwarte. The band was primarily a good cover band in the mid-eighties, with a few singers fronting for them. However, everything changed when Randall began to sing his songs instead of delegating them to other people's voices. 

In 1992, the debut record, simply titled ZWARTE, was released and became a classic. Fans came to shows in droves, and Zwarte became a band that the whole Midwest and beyond would come to embrace and enjoy. Zwarte went on to release another 13 records. In 2015, on the 13th record titled "Lucky 13," Randall was awarded the Los Angeles Music Awards (LAMA AWARDS) for producer's choice and outstanding TV theme song titled "Take the Ride to Sturgis." 

His guitar style, writing method, and infectious songs made Zwarte easily identifiable. His guitar and his music were his companions and a significant driving force until the very end of his life at age 57 on April 10th, 2020. On this date, Randall lost his battle with cancer. He is terribly missed by his family, siblings, and Zwarte fans everywhere. RIP Randall Grant Zwart. Your love and memories will forever live on. Thank you so much for the timeless memories and music. 


2023Spirit of the Music Award