Flat Cat

The Flat Cat group formed in Sioux Falls, SD in 1981 with guitarist Steve Samuelson getting together with some local musicians friends he knew and they started jamming at a local recording studio. They liked what they heard and all agreed to start booking at some local venues.

Band members were:
Clint Kennedy – guitar & vocals, Clint DeVries (deceased) – bass guitar & vocals, Bob Gripp – Drums & vocals, Steve Samuelson – guitar & vocals with Michael Jensen as sound engineer.

They had entertained at many venues in South Dakota and the surrounding states from 1981 until 1983 then had a change in personnel.

With new members the group continued to tour with Tim Sweeney (deceased) – Lead vocals, Dean Zimmer – Drums, Tom Trimble – guitar & vocals, Dave Vanderlinde – bass guitar & vocals, Steve Samuelson – guitar & vocals, Michael Jensen – sound engineer.

The group continued to gain many fans and become a favorite where ever they performed. Then another personnel change. The new group continued to tour with a new song list and momentum from the prior three years and an ever-growing fan base.

This third generation of members including: Ben Dee – bass guitar & vocals, Jimi Weber – guitar & vocals, Chuck Mausyzcki – drums & vocals, Fred Ellwein – keyboards & vocals, Michael Jensen – sound engineer continued on with the Flat Cat legacy playing many ballrooms, dancehalls, proms and stree dances to become a very popular rock and roll band in the South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota areas entertaining the crowds.