Will Prines 

 Composer, Producer, Recording Artist, BMI Publisher 

Will Prines has been involved in music for many years, starting with years of classical piano  as a child. His entry into the world of professional music began when he attended the  ultimate school of hard knocks in the music industry – years of non-stop touring across the  country with many musical acts, performing on stage with nationally known artists as diverse  as Neil Diamond, Patti LaBelle, Little Anthony, Frankie Lyman, The Three Degrees, Dorsey  Burnette, TG Shepherd, Confederate Railroad and Las Vegas favorite, Jerry Van Dyke, among others. 

After life on the road, Will made the recording studio his medium of preference. He was the  owner of Creative Communications Recording Studios in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for over  twenty five years. He has produced recordings in Nashville, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Sioux  Falls for a variety of independent artists, publishers, advertising agencies and radio and  television clients. Along the way he has accrued over fifty “ADDY “ awards, the advertising  industry's equivalent of the Grammy for excellence in advertising music production. He has  also taken home two Billboard Magazine awards for songwriting, “Telly” awards for music  production for television and “Silver Microphone” awards for excellence in music for radio  production. 

Will is a BMI music publisher, a publishing partner with Sony Music Nashville, and a BMI  songwriter with cuts recorded by Columbia Records recording artists. 

Composing “music for picture” - TV and film – has long been a pursuit of Will's and he has  composed music for two thirteen part television series for PBS, one of which won an EDTV  award for education in TV; a short film for the Catholic diocese of Sioux Falls, called “The  Story”; and is currently working on music for synchronization for advertising, television and  film. 

Will continues to play live dates around the tri-state area as a solo and with various bands.  He has also played in praise bands at First Assembly, Crosswalk Community Church, First  Lutheran Church, as part of the Celebrate Band at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, has led  worship for Christian singles retreats in the Black Hills and has just retired after leading  worship as the Contemporary Music Director at Brandon Lutheran Church for over twelve  years. 

Will and his band Choozy Music were inducted into the South Dakota Music Association Rock  and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. 

Will is a US military veteran, having served proudly for four years as a Russian language  specialist in the United States Air Force Security Service, with two tours of duty outside the  continental US. Will is also the father of two adult children, two grandkids and two great grandkids.



2024Lifetime Achievement Award