Dewey Hunt

3/11/1948 - 11/4/2022

Article by Jerry Selix:

 I met Dewey in September 1953 and we became like brothers for the next 69 years. We would sing along with Elvis records and pretend we were stars when we were like 8 or 9 years old. I think that’s when the seed was planted. He started taking piano lessons about that time. He played Cornet throughout Jr high & high school, which would add to his versatility in his rock & roll journey, as would his decision to learn the Saxophone.

A journey that started in Jr high (1962) with a band called the Escorts and would continue as his full time profession until 2012. He knew from the first time he saw Ray Charles on the Ed Sullivan show,  that is what he wanted to do! Play music and entertain people. And what an entertainer he was! Anyone who ever saw him, whether it was with a band or doing his single act, could see that is what he was born to do. His musical journey took him all over the country and much of the world.

 Here’s a list of most of the groups he played with, in somewhat chronological order:

• The Escorts
• The New Group *    
• Marlys Roe & the Talismen *    
• St Croix’s Agents     
• the Pilgrims *
• The Mystic Evolution 
• Showcase *    
• TNT    
• Musical Voyage    

 In 1981, he decided to continue his musical journey as a solo act. Thankfully he would take time off from his solo act to join my wife and I (Jerry and Renae Selix) to become a trio and do a 6 month gig in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and 3-four month tours in South Korea entertaining the US troops stationed there. He took his solo act on cruise ships the last 10yrs (2002-12) and cruised the Caribbean, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific and the Pacific. Needless to say, it’s rather difficult to sum up a 50 year career in music to just a couple of paragraphs. Suffice it to say, he was one helluva musician & entertainer, and a great friend who is missed by all of us that knew him and/or shared the  stage with him.




2024Spirit of the Music Award