Ron’s entertainment career began in 1966 with his first real band.  THE SESSION RAMBLES. A Chadron Nebraska band with Chadron State College students and three local musicians. In 1967-1968, The Session Rambles evolved into the N’X GENERATION consisting of Chadron State students.

In 1968, Ron and Joel Weintrob, a student from New Jersey, took over and started what became known in the area as the PINK PANTHER PAVILION . Ron and Joel began operating as Panther Productions in 1968 booking these local bands: Stark Reality; The Drivin’Dynamics; N’X GENERATION/BOLD LIGHTNING; The System; Evolutions; Banana Cream Weather Balloon/ The Odyessey/Crazy Louie; Misty Blue Society; Shades of Blue; Midnight Suns. Out of state bands from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Colorado included Luv Special Delivery; J & R Gaslight; Shades of Time; The Gas Company; Moonfire; Shells of Time; and TimePeace. Bands promoted at the Pink Panther and public dance halls in Western Nebraska, Wyoming and Southwest South Dakota (booked mostly by John Brown and Mike Murfin at Mid-continent Entertainment and Jim Reardon and Dick Doll from James N. Reardon and Associates) were: The Rising Suns; Spider & the Crabs; Soul Express; Young Raiders; StillRoven; The Fabulous Apostles; The Blue Things; The Ryettes; The Beautiful People; Angel & The Jerms. National promotions at the Pink Panther and Chadron State College included Linda Ronstadt and The Stone Poneys; Mac Davis; and ‘a version’ of Max Frost and the Troopers.

In 1971 Panther Productions merged with M-Ray & Right On Productions of Rapid City, recently purchased by Steve Hughes from Monte Bosch. M.E.A. (Mid American Entertainment Agency) became the new name for the company that booked mostly high schools and colleges in the five state area. Ron moved to Rapid City in February 1972 but continued to run the Pink Panther until 1973. The agency merger was a great idea for all bands booked by M.E.A. which included: WhiteWing (M.E.A’s first KOMA advertised band); Search; Free Flite; Straw Dogs; BrotherHood; Lonely Mountain; Bold Lightning; Still Water; Ancient Amusement; Buckshot; and all previous named bands. National acts promoted included Black Oak Arkansas; Suzi Quatro;  Sammy Davis Jr.; Blood Sweat & Tears; Three Dog Night; Crow; Williams & Ree; Bad Finger; Brownsville Station; The Association as well as many more.

Ron sold M.E.A. in the Spring of 1974 to Mike Drew and Mike Chambers (who had recently purchased MidContinent Entertainment in Lawrence KS from Gregg Rader and Gary “Igor” Crawford.
At the urging of many musicians and numerous bands, he returned to the booking/promoting business in July of 1974. This is when he began Sound ’76 Entertainment (later Sound ’86) in Black Hawk SD - just outside of Rapid City. Bands booked by Sound ’76/’86 were: The Buck Band; Scat; Long Distance; Bold Lightning; Cartune; Rebel; Midwest Express; Twink; The Rush; an all girl group Wild Cherry; Ivory; Silver Street; Mere Image; Star Child. The start of Summer Rock Spectaculars began with multiple bands touring the five state area performing almost every night from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Ron sold Sound ’86 in 1979 to Kelly Hollister. he partnered with Steve Hughes a second time beginning Inter-Mountain Concerts (later Inter-Mountain Entertainment Agency). They also ran a sound company. During this time he also worked with Black Hills Talent and Booking owned by Jay Roman and Darla Drew. In 1975 he rejoined Bold Lightning, performing until 1982.

Ron continued at Inter-Mountain Entertainment through 2010, retiring from booking and promoting except for his band, Doctor K and the Shantays , who performed from 1982 through 2012.

Bands booked by IME included: Innocent Mischief; Sgt. Rock; Cross Winds; Moments Notice; Squeeze Play; Aleshia; Johnny Green & The Greenmen; Little Relation; Night Thunder; Tryx; The Push; Tommy Matthews Orchestra; Blue Jack; Benny Puppet; Dial 911; The Air Band; Cherry Delite. National acts promoted: REO Speedwagon; Jerry Reed; Steppenwolf; Foghat; Bonnie Raitt; Styx, Louise Mandrell; The Grass Roots; Jackson Brown; Doc Severson; Emmylou Harris; Sugarloaf; Cristy Lane; Steely Dan; George Thorogood; Jennie C. Riley; Joe Walsh; Nazareth.


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